A virtual concert 10 years in the making: University organist debuts Vierne项目 10月. 8

10月. 7, 2020, 3:39 p.m.

University organist Eric Plutz worked for more than a decade to master the six solo symphonies by famed French Romantic composer Louis Vierne — and performs them in a marathon virtual concert 10月. 宗教生活办公室 YouTube 通道和 脸谱网 以纪念作曲家诞辰150周年.

那是2009年. 一天,在他下班回家的路上,他是OPE体育的管风琴手 Eric Plutz 开始怀疑. Though his responsibilities at his full-time job at the University kept his plate more than full, he felt ready for a new creative challenge that would take advant年龄 of a very significant resource at his disposal: the University's 8,000 -管 Mander-Skinner器官.


OPE体育教堂的曼德斯金纳风琴有8个,000根管子,它的独特之处在于它使用了中殿-长, central part of the church — as a sounding board to produce a four-and-a-half second reverberation. 迈克尔帮, 七八唱片公司的总经理, 普鲁茨签约的古典唱片公司, describes the interplay between the building and its organ as "one of the finest in North America."

路易·维恩的忠实粉丝, the famed French Romantic composer and principal organist at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for 37 years, Plutz realized that Vierne's 150th birthday would land in 2020 — giving him just over a decade to learn the organist's infamously 困难 solo organ symphonies written between 1895 and 1930.

所以 Vierne项目 出生.

Plutz planned to learn and perform a new symphony every other year to achieve what only a handful of people in the world could lay claim to: mastering all six symphonies. 该项目将在普鲁茨所说的“崇高”中达到高潮, 困难, yet attainable goal" of performing these works at the OPE体育 Chapel to commemorate Vierne's sesquicentennial.

而疫情使得现场演出无法进行, a marathon of Plutz's videos of the Vierne项目 — the culmination of 11 years of committed practice — will premiere Thursday, 10月8日. 每部交响曲一个视频,将于下午4点开始播放.m. 10便士结束.m. 美国东部时间,宗教生活办公室 YouTube 通道和 脸谱网 页面.

为了预览,听和观看节选 在线.


Mastering and maintaining the integrity of Vierne's musical works of art takes much more than just thousands of hours of practice. The instrument used to perform the pieces can play just as — if not more — an important role in how Vierne's masterpiece sounds.

根据 艾莉森·博登, 他是OPE体育宗教生活和教堂的院长, 这所大学的风琴是独特的,因为它使用中殿-长, central part of the Chapel — as a sounding board to produce a four-and-a-half second reverberation.

“那些美丽的石墙和长长的中殿意味着, 在教堂里, the notes that Louis Vierne wrote have an even more spectacularly resonant and powerful sound,博登说.


Eric Plutz (right) sits at the OPE体育教堂管风琴 with Kyle Ritter, 阿什维尔万灵圣公会大教堂的管风琴手, 北卡罗莱纳, 也是普鲁茨25年的好朋友. 这张照片拍摄于2020年3月5日.

迈克尔帮, 七八唱片公司的总经理, 普鲁茨签约的古典唱片公司, describes the interplay between the University Chapel building and its organ as "one of the finest in North America."

对于Plutz, the Vierne项目 not only represented an opportunity to continue growing as an artist, but it also represented an important hom年龄 to an artist he has long been drawn to.

“Vierne, 在我看来, 这是管风琴音乐平易近人的关键吗, 这是可以理解的, but it's challenging to listen to and to play; music after Vierne takes a turn, 但它对我的影响却不一样,普鲁茨说.

六个, 维恩的多乐章作品, 完全是用诡异的小调写成的, capture the many moments of 困难y endured by the composer during the 35 turbulent years in which he worked on them. 他的儿子和兄弟都死于一战, 经济不安全和健康斗争, 维恩的生活有时毫无疑问是黑暗的. 尽管在法律上是失明的, Vierne, who spent much of his professional life playing at Notre Dame (and died there mid-concert), 写了很多引人入胜的作品,详细描述了大教堂的各个部分.

"His music always had, even with darkness, an inner beauty that came through,普鲁茨说.

根据普鲁茨, 随着交响乐的发展, 音乐变得更加沮丧, 从“光”进化而来, 可爱的谐谑曲”配以“辉煌的渐强”的赞美诗.然后音乐就变成了旋律, 如歌的运动, 然后慢慢变成碾压, 兴奋的慢板.

“每个动作都是一颗宝石,”他说. “每个动作都是一幅画."

院长博登, who provided an important source of support for Plutz during this decade-long journey, 对新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行感到遗憾, 就像我们生活中的许多其他方面一样, had upended what was originally planned to be a performance with a live audience. Nonetheless, she said, "I'm really grateful to Eric for doing what he had to do to make this happen."

Plutz, who earned his bachelor's in organ performance at Westminster Choir College in Princeton and his master's in music from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, 纽约, said his Vierne项目 presents a unique opportunity to witness an incredible variety of sounds from an often underappreciated instrument.

博登同意. "Organs are the largest instruments anywhere, and ours is particularly very, very large," she said. "So just treat yourself to a sonic experience of being surrounded by significant pieces of music that make use of 8,000年管道. 你可以把它想象成音乐体验中的蓝鲸."